Privacy, Ventilation, Fences & Gates

Solar Edge solutions are very versatile. With our bespoke design and manufacturing systems we can provide a solution for everything from privacy screens to gates. We can provide a complete package of scheme design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

These include:

  • Privacy screens in public areas
  • Ventilation screens around services such as air conditioning
  • Fences
  • Gates

When you work with Solar Edge, you can count on full peace of mind in every phase of the project and for the full life cycle of your system, as we:

Experience: we know how a commercial building works and have extensive in-house expertise in a broad range of technologies, in order to design a custom solution that not only meets the NZBC but also takes into consideration all the engineering and performance factors.

We will design the most cost-effective, no-nonsense solution engineered to meet your needs and any prevailing regulations, relying on our full in-house technical resources such as CAD, system design and testing. 

Customise our products to fit the exact requirements of your project and, where necessary, have them specially tested at our testing facility.